Manufacture of Metal Fences and Metal Enclosures

‘Reyes Magos School’ Framed Enclosure (Montilla, Córdoba)

‘Reyes Magos School’ Framed Enclosure (Montilla, Córdoba)
7 May 2018

The framed panels are constructed as frames made with uprights of 40×40×1.5 mm galvanized tube. The panel infill uses 30×20×1.5 mm vertical bars or 150×150×5 mm electro-welded mesh.

The panels are joined with 60×60 mm tube post or 60 or 70 mm round post and P-60/40, PR-60/40 or PR-70/40 end clips. The clips are fixed to the post with the appropriate screws.

The finishes are in different colours, with polyester resin coating.