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Indusmetal Torres 2016 Price List

Indusmetal Torres 2016 Price List
7 May 2018

This price list maintains the prices in our previous one for most items. The price of our MP50 gates has increased, as have the tensor and some accessories. On the other hand, we have lowered the prices of other accessories such as IT Noumac posts and the steps of stairs. 

The new price list includes the following new products: 

IT Noumaplex gates, Mallazo gate, IT Blindor gate, laminated and perforated sheet metal gate, Decorative gate and FR-14 gates, both hinged and sliding, up to 14 metres and self-supporting up to 12 metres. Another addition to the family of gates is the MP50 sliding gates from 1.50×1.50 m to 5×2 metres. 

For posts, there are some more sizes in galv. and green, tension posts mounted with all the tensioning accessories, the IT Noumac posts, the welded grooved posts (48 and 60 mm) and new accessories. 

Some new sizes and finishes have been included in rigid enclosures, the 2500×1925 folded mesh and the oxiron colour, the 50×50 tube Noumaplex post with its exclusive fixing system, very useful and versatile. The FR-14 series has been incorporated into CEEN enclosures with three models: the IT panel, the Decorative panel, the Bamboo panel and the fixing support for these panels. 

Specific enclosure for swimming pools that complies with European regulations. 

Multi-colour children’s play area enclosure called PINF which complies with the UNE-EN-1176-1 standard for children’s enclosures and fences. 

Carteya padel courts and Granada with glass. 

As for meshes and wire, all the articles we currently work with have been updated to incorporate new sizes and models, such as high strength knotted mesh. 

Among the shelves we have introduced a new galvanized slotted angle upright, Second, and the same shelves packed in a kit with all the hardware. 

Finally, we have introduced a new model of dismantlable mobile fence, the Noumacombi system and its bars adaptable to fit any opening. 

For any query or clarifications, please contact our sales department which will be pleased to assist you. 

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