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Carteya Model Fence

Carteya Model Fence
7 May 2018

Features of the Carteya enclosure
1.General features of the enclosure
Distance between post centres: 2000 ± 10 mm
Heights (from ground level): 1015 mm, 2015 mm, 3019 mm, 4019 mm and 5019 mm.
Finish: galvanized or galvanized and lacquered.
Pavement anchoring: Anchor plate or sunk into the ground
1.2 Metal structure
The quality of the steel used is E-220 for poles, C9D for the galvanized wire of the electro-welded mesh, and DX51D for the accessories made of galvanized sheet. The Carteya enclosure is suitable for use in sports venues, although its design also makes it ideal for enclosures in housing estates and residential areas.
The components of the enclosure are: electro-welded mesh, poles and fastening systems and accessories.

Components of the Carteya


2.1 Carteya Mesh
50×50×4 mm electro-welded mesh, 1975 mm wide, available in heights of 975 mm, 1975 mm, 2975 mm and 3975 mm.
This panel is attached to the poles using the fastening accessories described below.

2.2 Poles
The poles designed for this enclosure can be of three types, depending on the height: 60×60 mm for heights up to 2 m, 80×60 mm for heights of 3 and 4 m and 100×60 mm for heights of 5 m. All poles are made of 2 mm thick galvanized tube, except the 60×60 mm size which is 1.5 mm thick. All are UNE EN 10305-5 compliant.

All poles have a low-density polyethylene STR-K cap on top to keep water out. As this enclosure is designed for sports facilities, which are usually closed square- or rectangular-shaped enclosures, the corner poles are designed to allow it to perfectly match the shape of the installation. There are two types of system for fastening the poles to the pavement:

      • Anchor plate: the plate is welded to the base of the column and screwed into the concrete surface with four screws. The 80×60 mm and 100×60 mm poles have a gusset welded between the plate and the tube to strengthen the pole.
      • Sink into the ground: in this case, the poles have an extra 30-50 cm length, to allow for embedding in concrete.

2.3 Fastening systems and accessories 
The mesh is fastened to the pole by means of crosspieces, fixing brackets and cover strips. The number of accessories to use for each panel depends on the pole position and height.
–Carteya Crosspiece: 1930×58 (±2) mm horizontal crosspiece made of 2 mm folded galvanized sheet with grooves (for easy fastening of the electro-welded mesh) and with 4 oval holes at the ends (2 on each side to fasten it to the crosspiece fastening bracket).

– Crosspiece fastening bracket: made of galvanized sheet 2.5 mm thick and 20×45 mm size with 6 holes (4 for fastening the crosspiece and 2 for fastening the bracket to the pole). 10 Fastite 2000 M6 screws are used to fasten the brackets.

– Carteya Cover Strip: made of 2 mm thick galvanized sheet, formed into a U shape, 46×11 mm or 40×11 mm for corners, and lengths 1000 mm, 2000 mm, and 1995 mm. These are placed over the join between two electro-welded meshes, covering their ends. 25 Fastite 2000 M6 flat head screws are used to fasten the brackets.